How To Run Bat File On Mac?

How To Run Bat File On Mac

Did you just switch from Windows to Mac and have no idea how to run bat file on Mac? This has been a widely debated topic among most mac users. Ideally, a bat file holds a series of commands that execute in the Windows operating system. However, unlike Windows, macOS is UNIX-based, making it impossible …

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Why is My GPU Usage So High – How to Fix It?

Why Is My Gpu Usage So High

It is a matter of concern when you realize that your GPU usage is very high, yet your computer is in an idle state. This is a commonly reported problem by both AMD and Nvidia graphics card users. It can be rather bothersome, mainly because it makes your fans run at full speed, which can …

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Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On – How to Solve?

Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On

Lenovo is among the giant laptop manufacturers with a distinguished range of products worldwide. From laptops, desktops, tablets, and computer peripherals. Occasionally though, you may have witnessed that nothing happens when you press your laptop’s power button. This leaves you wondering, why is my Lenovo laptop not turning on? While there are no specific reasons …

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How To Underclock CPU (Step by Step Guide)

How To Underclock CPU

A computer’s CPU comprises multiple cores that perform computing tasks. Each of these cores operates at a manufacturer’s predetermined speed, referred to as CPU clock speed. Most advanced computer users tend to decrease or increase the CPU clock speed to match their processing requirements. It’s called underclocking or overclocking. But what is underclocking a CPU …

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When Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage (Explained Here)

When Xbox is OFF Turn off Storage

Microsoft has swept the gaming industry with its series of Xbox gaming consoles. As if that’s not enough, they have continued to provide incredible features, from live games to using your phone as a controller and many more. Another amazing feature of the Xbox is its ability to download updates when the console is off. …

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How To Change RGB Fan Color? (Complete Guide)

How To Change RGB Fan Color

RGB (Red, Green, and Blue lighting) setup has become very popular among people who love to build their custom PCs, and undoubtedly, it looks terrific. These LED lights certainly add an extra glimmer to your computer setup. While you can have RGB LED installed on your table, chair, wall, or behind your monitor, the most …

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How Long Does Thermal Paste Take to Dry?

How Long Does Thermal Paste Take to Dry

When building a personal computer, most people get excited over the powerful processor, RAM, motherboard, graphics, etc.; but overlook essential things like the thermal paste. Thermal paste is fundamental for your PC’s health; without it, your PC is likely to overheat. Therefore, you should apply the right amount and let it “set” before using your …

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Is It Possible to Use USB Headset With Xbox One?

Is It Possible to Use USB Headset With Xbox One

We can all agree that gaming headsets are not cheap. For this reason, most Xbox users prefer using their old computer headsets rather than buying new ones. On the other hand, just like Apple, Microsoft has created an ecosystem to make you use their branded devices. So, is it possible to use USB headset with …

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PC Won’t Turn On But Motherboard Light Is On – How to Fix?

PC Won't Turn On But Motherboard Light Is On

Imagine how frustrating it is when you’re ready to start your workday, but your PC won’t turn on; all you get is a motherboard light and a black screen. We’ve all been caught up in such a situation; if not, you’re probably here because your computer is acting up this way. Sometimes if your PC …

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How to Move Task Manager To Other Monitor?

Move Task Manager to Other Monitor

Did you know that the Task Manager is one of the most frequently used utility programs worldwide? The task manager is a simple yet powerful tool loaded with helpful information about running tasks on your computer. Whether you are a beginner or a pro computer user, you’ll always call out the Task Manager time and …

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