Xbox One Power Supply Turns Off When Plugged Into Console: How to Fix?

Xbox One Power Supply Turns Off When Plugged Into Console

Power supply problems are among the most widely experienced challenges that Xbox owners face. While some of these problems could mean a dead console, others require a quick fix. The Xbox one power supply unit (PSU) supplies power to your console. It also protects it against power surges. The PSU goes into standby mode when …

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What is ErP in BIOS? (Explained Here)

What is ErP in BIOS

You might have encountered a setting about ErP on your device since most systems usually have an Erp mode in Bios on them. If you have not seen it yet it does not necessarily mean that it is absent from your system. Some users are unaware of it while others have seen it but do …

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Is Fortnite CPU or GPU Heavy? You Should Know!!

Is Fortnite CPU or GPU Heavy

It’s without a doubt that you need a good PC for a good in-game Fortnite performance. The various Fortnite graphical settings have an impact on the game. You’ll need good PC hardware to run the game smoothly. But is Fortnite CPU or GPU heavy? Fortnite is more CPU-heavy than GPU. While the game tends to …

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How to Remove School Administrator from Chromebook?

How to Remove School Administrator from Chromebook

A Chromebook works exceptionally well and has a user-friendly interface. Due to its multiple benefits, many industries like businesses, schools, universities, or other IT fields use this system. Also, it is highly secure, which makes it an optimum choice for those in this industry. Especially in school, many schools provide their students with a Chromebook. …

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How to Install Windows 10 on a New PC Without Operating System?

How to Install Windows 10 on a New PC Without an Operating System

Installing Windows on a brand-new computer would make the system function effectively. Without an OS, a commoner would not find a computer useful. Downloading a Windows installation media in a USB and plugging in the USB in the new computer would be the easiest way to install windows 10 on laptop without OS. Let us …

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How to Power Xbox One Without Brick? Get All the Details!

How to Power Xbox One Without Brick

A power brick plays a crucial role in Xbox one supplying power to the system. They are pretty effective and can last up to 10 years. If you happen to lose it, you’ll face problems powering your Xbox one. Xbox one requires a power source to start. However, if you lose the brick, there are …

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Is 100 CPU Usage Bad? Explained In 2022

Is 100 CPU Usage Bad

You don’t want your CPUs running at 100%. CPU running at 100% is possible but not recommended. It simply means your CPU is handling more than it can manage. While CPUs are designed to handle 100% usage, it’s never advised. So, is 100 CPU usage bad? It’s never a big issue when CPUs usage is …

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Where Does the CPU Store Its Computations?

Where Does the CPU Store Its Computations

Nowadays, almost everybody owns a computer. You probably know a thing or two about your computer. The CPU is the brain of the computer performing all manner of tasks. All data is processed in the CPU. But where does the CPU store its computations? How does the CPU store data? CPU stores computations in registers. …

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PS Vita Could Not Connect To PC (Ways to Solve it!)

PS Vita Could Not Connect To PC

Experiencing a problem with your ps vita not connecting to your PC? Most people with the same issue try upgrading their computer operating systems, connecting to a different PC, or connecting using Wi-Fi. In most cases, the problem still persists because the problem might be arising from different issues. So, could a PS Vita not …

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How to Project Laptop Screen to Wall Without Projector?

How to Project Laptop Screen to Wall Without Projector

Using a laptop to do presentations has become more accessible and more convenient than ever. But you still need a projector to project the screen onto a wall so that your audience can see it. But what about times when you don’t have a projector and have a presentation to make? There’s a catch here! …

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