How to Remove CPU Cooler? Get All the Details!

How to Remove CPU Cooler

A cooling fan is an essential component of a computer. It helps the central processing unit cool down and help it operate properly. Removing the CPU cooler is ideal during cleaning, depreciation inspection, and once in a while to replace the thermal paste. So, knowing how to remove the CPU cooler is a must-know thing …

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How Long Does It Take to Factory Reset a Laptop?

How Long Does It Take to Factory Reset a Laptop

Whenever you end up with some sort of critical error regarding your Windows OS, factory resetting your laptop is a simple way out. It can get rid of many unnecessary applications and data stored on your computer. It will also delete all web browsing history, search history, installed programs, and support files. However, how long …

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How Many Amps Does a Laptop Use? Explained In Details (2022)

How Many Amps Does a Laptop Use

Components play an important role in determining how your laptop will perform. The processor, memory, graphics chip, and others all contribute to the laptop’s performance. But on this page, we will look into how many amps does a laptop use to operate optimally. A laptop will usually use somewhere between 1 and 3 amps or …

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How to Remove Battery From Lenovo Laptop?

How to Remove Battery From Lenovo Laptop

You can do many things all by yourself with your laptop, but they can be hard to do if you do not know the right procedure. You can’t imagine doing some tweaking without removing the battery, and different models have different types of closures, especially Lenovo. So, in this guide, we will help you understand …

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How to Charge Laptop with HDMI? Step By Step Guide!

How to Charge Laptop with HDMI

Simply put, I have spent hundreds of dollars replacing my laptop charger. I took some time to research the best alternatives to the laptop chargers. Through expensive trials and errors, the HDMI cord was a good option! Learning how to charge a laptop with an HDMI cord is a no-brainer task. It is an efficient …

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How Much Does a Laptop Weigh – Get All the Details!

How Much Does a Laptop Weigh

Laptops have become part and parcel of life. Whether you’re a student, a service provider, or in any profession on the go, a laptop is what you need the most. Well, while picking one, some look at the internal components, brand, and performance before anything. But weight is a crucial factor to put into consideration …

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How Long Do Lenovo Laptops Last? You Should Know!

How Long Do Lenovo Laptops Last

Lenovo is one of the most reliable laptop brands in the current market. They make laptops for both consumers and business professionals, with their ThinkPad line being one of the best in the industry. You will always appreciate their designs, engineering, and innovation. But how long do Lenovo laptops last? The life span of a …

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How Long Is 14 Inches Laptop – You Needs to Know?

How Long Is 14 Inches Laptop (1)

There are a lot of factors to put into consideration while deciding the right laptop. While some people look for internal components, some need to consider the size before all. If you’re into mid-tire screen sizes, 14″ screens must catch your attention. But how much space it will take on your desk or bag? How …

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