Dell Monitor Keeps Going to Power Save Mode (How to Solve?)

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get...

My first computer to buy when I started working from home was from Dell since it was efficient and effective in my general computing work. But the monitor would go black despite not shutting down the computer.

So, why does my dell monitor keeps going to power save mode?

Turns out, a dell monitor will go into power save mode to conserve energy when not in use. Other possible issues are faulty RAM, motherboard malfunction, dead memory battery, and power supply problems.

I wrote this article to share my experience with the dell monitor power save mode problem that I solved after facing for a few days. Let’s help you stop the dell monitor from entering power save mode if you’re facing the same.

What Causes the Monitor to Go into Power Saving Mode?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: You do not freak when your dell monitor keeps going into power-saving mode since most of these issues are fixable. But identifying the exact cause will help during the fixing process. Below are the possible causes of a monitor going into power saving mode:

What Causes the Monitor to Go into Power Saving Mode

Extended Inactivity Period

Dell monitors have excellent display settings when compared to other computer brands. These display settings help to conserve energy when the PC is inactive. Power saving mode helps minimize power consumption when the computer is left inactive for an extended period. The behavior helps the user save on electricity bills in the long run.

Connection Problem

Most PCs have different power supply cables for CPU and monitor. A faulty or malfunctioning power source will make your dell monitor go into power-saving mode. The power-saving mode intends to save the computer battery life. Check the monitor connection cable to identify the underlying cause. A nonfunctional CPU also can cause such issues and others.

Drained Motherboard Battery

A motherboard is a crucial component of a computer. It comes with an internal battery to allow proper function and enhance the computer performance. The monitor will go into power-saving mode when the motherboard battery runs out of power. It’s also known as the BIOS battery that stores a few important data, even when the computer is shut off. Try resetting the bios, and better if you replace it with a new one.

Power Supply Interruption

Monitors are more sensitive to power supply interruption when compared to CPUs. A slight power interruption will force the monitor to enter power save mode on start-up. Press the space or enter button on the keyboard to active your sleeping monitor. If it does not respond, seek professional assistance from reputable technicians.

Dell Monitor Keeps Going to Power Save Mode – How to Fix?

A monitor stuck in power save mode can be frustrating when you have a project on the go. The golden rule is to identify the underlying issue that is causing this. After that, you can measure out the right procedure to resolve the issue.

The monitor power save mode problem is fixable by disabling the power-saving settings. If you don’t have a CPU or motherboard issue, use the following steps to disable energy-saving mode:

Dell Monitor Keeps Going to Power Save Mode

  • Step 1- Look for the power settings: Click on the windows button on the desktop, type the power option in the search bar and enter.
  • Step 2- Customize the power plan: Choose the custom power plan option under the pop-up window. Open the change plan setting and edit it.
  • Step 3- Set it up: Click the save button to save the changes. It will fix the monitor suck in power save mode permanently. If the issue persists, get assistance from a professional computer technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my monitor wake up?

Dell monitors have a Deep Sleep feature to lower the power consumption. If your monitor does not wake up after an extended standby, you should manually turn it on to disable the deep sleep mode.

How do you get the monitor out of saving Mode?

Move the mouse or press any key button on the keyboard. Any of these actions will switch off the monitor power-saving mode. Pressing the power button on the computer is another excellent alternative. Remember to press any key button if the monitor moves from power save mode to standby mode.

How Do I Wake Up My Monitor from Power Save Mode?

Moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard is the only sure way to wake up a dell monitor stuck in power save mode. You can also press the power button to wake up the PC. Hibernation or power-saving mode can be irritating. Do not unscrew your monitor to check the internal cable connections since it will cause severe problems.

Why Lenovo monitor keeps going to power save mode?

Power save mode on Lenovo monitor helps conserve battery energy when the computer is inactive. I recommend turning the power-saving mode off to avoid this sleeping mode issue. Click the advance setting menu and select the setting option. Tap on the switch and turn off the battery saver mode of your Lenovo computer.

Why HP monitor keeps going to power save mode?

HP monitors have power-saving mode settings to help computers minimize power consumption. If the power saver is enabled, the inactive monitor will go to power-saving mode. Disable the power saver mode from the settings to prevent your monitor from going into a power-saving mode more often when inactive.


Leaving the computer inactive for an extended period and excessive usage are the reasons behind the monitor going into power save mode. Disable the power-saving mode from your computer settings to avoid the issue. Besides that, diagnose the dell monitor to identify other underlying problems causing power save mode.

If the issue persists, you should be looking for some issues related to hardware like motherboard and BIOS. I hope the guide above has helped you fix the dell monitor that keeps going to power save mode issue when it happens for no reason. Feel free to share your thoughts and whether you’ve been successful to solve the issue.

Evan Charles

Evan Charles

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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