How Long Does It Take to Factory Reset a Laptop?

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Whenever you end up with some sort of critical error regarding your Windows OS, factory resetting your laptop is a simple way out.

It can get rid of many unnecessary applications and data stored on your computer. It will also delete all web browsing history, search history, installed programs, and support files. However, how long does it take to factory reset a laptop?

The length of time taken for a factory reset laptop task can range from 10 minutes to multiple hours, with an average reset time around one hour.

Also, the time it takes to reset your laptop completely depends on factors such as the size of your laptop’s hard drive, operating system, and how much space there is on it. For example, a hard drive with 50 percent free space will take less time than one containing 75 percent files.

How Long Does It Take to Factory Reset a Laptop?

First off, resetting a computer’s factory settings and resetting BIOS are not the same. So, you won’t lose the settings embedded into the BIOS while factory resetting your computer.

If your laptop is running slowly or unresponsive to your commands, you may need a factory reset. Before starting the process, make sure you back up any important data and prepare to wait anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the speed of your computer.

How Long Does It Take to Factory Reset a Laptop

Factors that contribute:

Some factors contribute to the time it takes for your laptop to reset, and they are:

Operating system

The operating system on the device will play a large role in the time it takes for the factory reset. A user can fully reset the laptop in about 30 minutes or up to one hour, depending on the device’s already installed.

Operating system

Model of the laptop

The model of the laptop will determine how long it takes to factory reset it. A modern laptop with a better CPU, memory, and storage can reset faster than an older one. However, if both are of the same manufacturer and model, they may take the same length of time.

On the other hand, the purpose you’re using the laptop for will have a significant role in pushing you to factory reset it. A laptop for gaming will likely be needing more of it compared to a laptop for pentesting.

Numbers of files on the laptop

The number of files stored on your laptop can dramatically affect the time it takes to factory reset your computer. The more files you have, the longer the process will take, as everything will need to be erased and replaced with a fresh set of files.

Numbers of files on the laptop

Size of the hard drive

The size of the hard drive could be a big factor in the time required to factory reset a laptop because more data and files take longer to erase.

Age of the laptop

The age of your laptop is one of the most significant factors affecting how long it takes to factory reset it. The newer your laptop is, the faster it will be. If your laptop is old and still with an outdated operating system, it will take longer to reset. For example, Lenovo laptops last longer than other less reliable brands where you can get more efficient processing power.

When and Why Factory Reset Is Necessary?

Factory resetting action is most beneficial when an application freezes and cannot be stopped any other way. It can also be used if your PC is lagging or freezing up and you wish to return it to its normal operating speed.

When and Why Factory Reset Is Necessary

There are other reasons to choose factory resetting for your laptop, and they are:

Lagging pc operation

Have you noticed that your laptop is running slower and taking longer to complete its tasks? It can be frustrating when your laptop isn’t operating at top capacity. Luckily, when this occurs, there are a few steps you can take to fix the issue.

You can get rid of some files to free up space, and when that does not work, performing a factory reset will surely help fix the issue.

When PC is under attack by malware

If a computer is under attack by malware or other security threats, performing a PC factory reset can be extremely helpful in getting the PC back to its normal state. Factory resetting will remove all files completely, including viruses or malware, and restore your computer to its original configuration.

When PC is under attack by malware

Unresponsive/Corrupted operating system

Factory reset is recommended when the operating system stops performing as expected. It helps fix problems like unresponsiveness created by rogue apps or a cluttered hard disk. Resetting the laptop can also be a good move if you are trying to get rid of your old laptop and want to wipe all data off.

Unresponsive,Corrupted operating system

Selling the laptop

Any time you plan to sell your laptop, it is recommended to do a factory reset. It helps erase all the data along with installed apps and software, which helps get rid of all the personal information.

How to Factory Reset Your Laptop?

Not sure how to do a factory reset on your laptop? This simple, easy-to-follow tutorial will guide you through the different options available, helping you decide whether or not a factory reset is a right fit for your laptop.

How to Factory Reset Your Laptop

Steps on how to hard reset a laptop

  • Go got set on your laptop and then to the update and security
  • Click on the recovery, and then you will either see “reset this pc or format the PC.”
  • Depending on the model of your PC, you are likely to see the options to keep your files or format them all. So, you can choose the one that interests you.

How to Factory Reset a Mac?

Ever wanted to quickly factory reset a Mac for resale or clean up? It can be useful if you are selling or giving away a Mac. To reset your mac, kindly follow the instructions below.

How to Factory Reset a Mac

  • To start with, you should back up all your files in a cloud service.
  • You should log out of all the services that you are using on your mac
  • You need to keep the mac plugged in for the period of resetting the pc
  • Sign out from iCloud account
  • Click on command + R, and then you will see a window on your pc saying MacOs utilities.
  • Choose disk utility
  • Click continue and then choose your startup disk. Mostly it is named Macintosh HD.
  • Locate the erase button at the top and click it
  • Now you have your mac formatted

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to reset an HP laptop?

It takes about an hour to reset an HP laptop. The length of time depends upon your computer speed and hard drive size. Some smaller HP laptops (like a Stream) may take as little as 15 minutes. A larger-sized HP laptop (Envy) could take up to 2 hours.

Can you completely factory reset a laptop?

Yes, you can completely factory reset your laptop if there is a need for it. When you intend to sell the laptop, you might consider getting rid of your files and documents, which is the safest thing to do.

There are other reasons you might opt for that option, and it is just best to bring back the laptop to its original condition. So, that answers the question of can I factory reset my laptop.

How long does it take to reset a PC Windows 8?

You can reset your PC to its original condition in under 10 minutes. It should take just a few minutes to get back to where you were before the reset on a properly configured system. Also, the time frame varies depending on your PC’s hardware. Usually, it takes several minutes but can be longer depending on the speed of your PC.

Why does resetting laptop take so long?

It depends on the system and your configuration. If you take a default install of Windows 7 and then reinstall it, it can easily be done in an hour. But with more complicated installs like Windows 10, where there are hundreds of updates after the initial install and more software installed, it can take a much longer time.

How long does it take to reset a Lenovo laptop?

Resetting a Lenovo laptop will reset laptop to factory settings. The time it takes to reset your Lenovo laptop will vary depending on the number of files and data you have stored, as well as the speed of your computer. Lenovo laptops allow users to create a recovery disc that can be used to recover and restore the laptop’s operating system if any problems occur.


If you are looking for an answer to the question, how long does it take to factory reset a laptop? Then you are just in the right place.  Resetting your computer to factory conditions takes time, anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour.

It depends on your computer’s speed and what program you use to reset the computer. However, the process can also go faster if you choose the quick wipe method instead of a complete reset of your laptop.

Evan Charles

Evan Charles

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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