How Long Is 14 Inches Laptop – You Needs to Know?

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get...

There are a lot of factors to put into consideration while deciding the right laptop. While some people look for internal components, some need to consider the size before all.

If you’re into mid-tire screen sizes, 14″ screens must catch your attention. But how much space it will take on your desk or bag? How immersive a viewing experience you can expect from a 14″ screen? That all can be described if you know how long is a 14 inches laptop.

For better understanding, a 14-inch laptop is slightly larger than an A4 envelope. You will typically have a 13.5″ screen size, with a 34.29 centimeter of screen length in a 14 inches laptop.

It is a perfect choice for both avid travelers and desk users since it has excellent advantages of being versatile. Well, sure you’re going to have some sort of short-comings as well! Why not get through all the nuts and bolts of 14-inch laptops and help you decide whether the size is good or not?

Why You Should Consider a 14-Inches Laptop?

The technological dynamics in the computing industry are skyrocketing. Many people are finding it challenging to pick the perfect personal computers. Midsize laptop category demand is higher than other categories in recent days because of their extensive versatility.

Why You Should Consider a 14-Inches Laptop

A 14-inch laptop is compact and a good laptop for students who are into research. Thanks to its sleek design and sufficient screen space. These specifications make the laptop ideal for desk users at home or school since the 14-inch screen size in cm is 35 diagonally.

Besides, the standard keyboard fits well in a 14-inch chassis and leaves less dead space on either sides. The specifications make a 14-inch laptop model easy to carry when commuting to work or school daily. Not to mention, the typing experience is also better because you have less key travel.

There are several 14-inch laptop brands in the market today. Take the time to investigate each brand and choose the one that suits your preferences and tastes. A 14-inch laptop dimensions length and width in cm is ideal for general interest computing.

My favorite feature about this 14-inch laptop is its lightweight design. It will make you worry less about the weight when comminuting to school or work. The lightweight and high-performance features are the reasons for its popularity. Also, it usually has less laptop screen replacement cost than other larger screens.

I recommend reading the 14-inch laptop specifications from several brands before buying. These specs will help you avoid making mistakes in the long run. But lightweight and high performances are crucial properties to consider in a 14-inch laptop.

How Long Is 14 Inches Laptop?

High-resolution screens and internal components are cutting-edge features to consider when buying a laptop. But modern technology has made people worry more about laptop size and weight.

How Long Is 14 Inches Laptop (1)

So, how long is 14 inches laptop? If it’s 13.5 inches in precise size, then the screen should be 34.29 cm while a full 14″ one is about 35.5 cm screen diagonal. The compact size offers comfortable use at your desk at school or home. All 14-inches laptops are good for students, business personnel, and for those who love portability.

It can be challenging to imagine how big a 14-inch laptop is. Remember that a 14-inch laptop screen is slightly bigger than an A4 envelope. Below is a quick table specification for Apple MacBook Pro 14-inches (2021):

Brand Apple
Screen Size 14-inches
Internal RAM 16 GB
Total Storage Capacity 512 GB
Operating System macOS
Laptop Height 1.55 cm
Laptop Width 3.126 cm
Laptop Weight 1.6 kg

Benefits of 14 Inches Laptops

The 14 inches laptops have taken over the PC industry, and students are the most consumers. These laptops come with several advantages and a few disadvantages. Below are some of the benefits of 14 inches laptops:

Benefits of 14 Inches Laptops


Most 14 inches laptops weigh about 2.7 to 3.5 pounds. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry the computer on the go. It is a perfect choice for commuters, students, businessmen, and people who have to work while having the laptop on hand. Bulky and heavy laptops will strain your hand while holding onto one for long.

Battery Life

The average battery life for a 14-inch laptop is about eight hours. However, the power consumption is also low when compared to other midsize laptops. However, as you know that motherboard performance also plays a role in the battery life, you should have a good board for longer battery life.

Battery Life

Residential Use

Since 14 inches laptops don’t weigh much and are compact in design, residential usage won’t be affected. It will not strain the user’s legs and arms when working at home or school. It can also fit on the desktop without any problem.

Screen Size

The 14 inches laptops measure 35 cm diagonally with minimal dead space on the sides. It ensures the keyboard fits well in the machine and creates ample space for working.

Which Laptop Inch Size Fits My Usage Situation?

The 14-inch laptop is portable and ideal for all users, ranging from residential users to outdoor workers. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design that inhibits the user from straining when working.

Which Laptop Inch Size Fits My Usage Situation

Remember that each laptop brand will differ in specifications. Some 14 inches laptops will lag while others will offer high performance. So, which laptop inch size will fit your usage situation depends on the other factors like the CPU, RAM size and type, as well as the GPU.

You can find 14 inches laptops with high-end specifications with top-notch performances. Apart from their lightweight and portable design, you can get high performance as well, which is uncommon from larger screen sizes.

I recommend a laptop brand that suits your needs rather than your tastes and preferences. Each laptop size performs specific tasks.

14 Inch Laptop Alternatives with Better Specs

Most 14 inch laptops have excellent performance due to their high-end specifications. But there are instances when these machines lag. The 17-inch laptops are the best alternative to 14-inch laptops since they can handle more tasks without lagging.

But they are too big and less portable. The 17-inch laptops are an excellent option for designers and gamers. They can handle tasks that an average 14-inch laptop cannot manage. These laptops can also fit in any backpack size.

14 Inch Laptop Alternatives with Better Specs

The compact and lightweight features give 17-inch laptops an added advantage over 14-inch counterparts. It makes an individual feel like carrying something on the back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are 14-inch Laptops More Expensive?

14-inch laptops are so expensive due to their portability and long-lasting battery life. The RAM size, CPU processor, and storage space are also features that influence the price point. Despite having a smaller screen, they’re as powerful as the 17 or 15 inch ones that have similar prices.

Is a 14 Laptop too small for Gaming?

Not every time. If you have good specifications inside the laptop including a larger RAM, fast storage, good GPU, it can handle games just as good as larger screen sizes. However, if your computer lacks at specifications other than screen size, it might lag while gaming.

14 Inch or 15 Inch Laptop for Programming

I recommend 14 inch over 15 inch laptop for programming, especially because of having a better portability. You can move around and do your coding anywhere indoors or outdoors as you want and take it on the go. But if you want a machine ideal for both gaming and programming, I will recommend 15 inch counterpart.

Is 14 Inch Laptop too small for Programming?

A 14 inch laptop is not too small for programming if you’re on the move. Unless you’re into massive production job, a 14″ machine is efficient and effective for programming work due to less power consumption, portability, and high-end performance.


14-inch laptops have compact and lightweight designs. These specifications make these machines ideal for both standby usage at home and commuter users. But the small-size feature makes 14-inch laptops slower than larger counterparts if it doesn’t have powerful hardware as needed.

If you are looking for a portable and lightweight computer, I recommend 14-inch laptops that offer good enough specifications. The performance is similar to 15 or 17-inch laptops. Now that you also know how long is a 14 inches laptop, you can easily determine if it will fit your desk or bag on the go.

Evan Charles

Evan Charles

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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