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Laptops have become part and parcel of life. Whether you’re a student, a service provider, or in any profession on the go, a laptop is what you need the most.

Well, while picking one, some look at the internal components, brand, and performance before anything. But weight is a crucial factor to put into consideration when purchasing laptops. Only the right weight will help you move around which laptops are here for in the first place!

So, how much does a laptop weigh? And what’s the ideal weight for different types of laptops?

The average laptop weight is about 2lbs to 8lbs. Laptops are classified into Chromebook (2-3lbs), ultraportable (2-5lbs), thin and light (3-6lbs), desktop replacement (4lbs), and luggables (8lbs).

Let’s understand the five laptop categories and see where the lightest and heaviest laptops lie. And if you’re up for buying one, no worries, you’re about to decide the right type of laptop that matches your desired weight range. 

How Much Does a Laptop Weigh?

When shopping for a brand new laptop, the weight will have a direct impact on your purchasing decision. I recommend buying a lightweight computer to avoid strain when commuting or working.

How Much Does a Laptop Weigh

Many brands strive to release sleek laptop designs to enhance portability and prevent the user from straining. Thanks to technological advancement in the computer industry. Technological advancement has resulted in five laptop classifications.

Each laptop group comes in different sizes, weights, and dimensions to give users a wider option. Understanding the weight differences in these laptop categories will help pick a perfect option that suits an individual needs, tastes, and preferences.

Let’s find out that together now:

Ultrabook and Chromebook

The Ultrabook is a laptop category from Intel that uses the Windows operating system. Chromebook is another laptop type from Google, and it runs on Chrome operating system.  These laptop types are the lightest and have higher demand since they have lightweight materials. The average laptop weight ranges from 2lbs to 3lbs.

Ultrabook and Chromebook

Ultraportable Laptops

These laptops are also lightweight and ideal for avid travelers. The lightweight materials and components inhibit the user from straining during transportation or working.  Laptops examples under this category are HP EliteBook, Acer Swift 7, HP Spectre Folio, and Apple Macbook Air. The average mass of a laptop is 2lbs to 5lbs.

Laptops of this weight and size are the best option for combining heavy performance with higher portability. You can get one from this line of machines if you’re a student, do presentations, do car tuning and engineering, you can hold them without straining your hand. 

Ultraportable Laptops

Thin and Light Laptops

These laptops weigh a little more than their ultraportable counterparts. Examples of these laptop types are Microsoft Surface Book 213.5, Dell XPS 15, and 13-inch Apple MacBook pro. The average laptop weight ranges from 3lbs to 5 lbs.

Thin and Light Laptops

Desktop Replacement

These are mobile desktop computers with powerful performance. A category is a perfect option for those individuals who are into gaming.  These gaming laptops have extra fans for heat dissipation and longer battery life with excellent internal components. The average laptop weight ranges from 4lbs to 5lbs.

Desktop Replacement

Luggable Laptops

These laptops have close similarities to personal computers since they are made from heavyweight materials and components. It is not a perfect choice for avid travelers and students.  Compaq Portable II is an excellent example of a luggable laptop. It is the oldest computer version and weighs about 15lbs.

The heaviest laptop from modern time with high tech features would be the Acer Predator 21X with a whopping 18 pounds of weight. With a curve 21″ monitor, a core i5 9th gen CPU with SLI dual GPU of 16 GB, CherryMX mechanical keyboard, and 2 huge power ports, this machine is tank of a laptop. 

Below is an ideal weight of laptop in lbs: 

Acer Swift 5 2.13
Dell Inspiron 15 7000 3.74
ASUS Laptop L210 2.30
Microsoft Surface Pro X 2.32
HP EliteBook x360 1020 2.45

What Is a Good Weight for a Laptop?

Laptops are essential instruments in many fields of work. Many people are buying laptops for official and entertainment purposes. Many users consider laptop specifications before making any purchase without thinking about the average weight.

What Is a Good Weight for a Laptop

So, what is a good weight for a laptop? Approximately 2-4 pounds, and it offers the best balance of usability and portability. The average laptop size ranges from 11 to 14 inches.

But technological advancement has resulted in lightweight gadgets. Getting a light 17-inch laptop is possible in the modern day. 

How Much Weight Is Considered Heavy?

Modern laptops weigh between two and eight pounds. But it still pains to carry these gadgets to work or school daily. I recommend caring about laptop weight and size before buying. So, how much weight is considered heavy? 4 to 8 pounds. But this depends on individual body weight and stature. Some people find it hard to carry a two-pound laptop for six hours.

How Much Weight Is Considered Heavy

Always check the laptop specifications and features to help make an informed decision. The average laptop weight, size, and dimensions are crucial elements to consider.

Which Hardware Component Increase Laptop Weight?

Laptops have several internal components that play different functions. Most of these components contribute to laptop weight. So, which hardware component increases laptop weight? Fan. A laptop with several fans will weigh a little more than the one with a single fan.

Several fans help the CPU work at a high speed and dissipate heat without compromising its functionality. Besides that, these fans will require a large case to accommodate them.

Other components that increase laptop weight are batteries, a large screen, and ports. But modern technology has spearheaded the production of sleek design laptops.

Choosing the Right Laptop for You

Understanding how much a laptop weighs will help choose the best machine that suits your tastes and preferences. But remember to also consider other laptop specifications. Take the time to inspect the Chromebook, ultraportable, thin and light, desktop replacement, and luggable categories before buying a laptop.

I recommend buying a 14-inch laptop due to its lightweight feature. Besides that, the laptop comes with hardware that suits its size. These laptops also have a generous screen replacement cost because of their smaller size. 

Choosing the Right Laptop for You

Luggable computers are old fashion and heavyweight. They are not ideal for carrying to school or work daily. These PCs are powerful and a little bigger for regular mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do 15 Inch Laptop Weigh?

The average weight for 15-inch laptop ranges from 5.2 to 6 pounds. The weight can strain the user during transportation or working, especially if you have to hold the laptop with your hand for more than a few minutes.

Is 2kg Heavy for a Laptop?

If you have to hold your laptop often, have to put it on your lap for working, or travel with your laptop in your backpack, then yes, 2 kg is heavy. Any laptop that weighs about 2kg and above is heavy for carrying around or commuting to work daily. However, it’s good enough if you mostly use it on your desk and don’t move much. 

How Much Does a Lightweight Laptop Weight?

It ranges from 2 lbs to 6lbs. But the average laptop weight depends on the category. Some categories are lighter than others. With a laptop that weighs within 2 to 6 lbs, you can carry around, do all sorts of jobs, and don’t fall behind on performance if picked correctly. 

What’s a Good Laptop Weight?

A laptop that weighs between 1 and 3 lbs is the most generous weight you can think of as a benchmark. These laptops are lightweight for convenient purposes and powerful enough to undertake computing tasks from simple works to engineering jobs.

How Much Does a Laptop Weight In Kilograms (KG)?

The average laptop weight is 1 to 4 kgs, or more, depending on which model you’re using, and what purpose you’re using it for. Lightweight laptops that weigh about 1kg or less, depending on the category, will typically be expensive with small screens.

How Much Does A Dell Laptop Weigh?

The average dell laptop weight is about 2.5 to 6.5 pounds as they produce different kinds of laptops, varying in different weight ranges. Dell laptops come in different models and each model has a different weight, attracting different types of users.


Technological advancements have resulted in more lightweight laptops without compromising performance in recent years. But the different classes of laptops are the reason behind the need to understand their weights and sizes.

How much does a laptop weigh is generally answered with the type and category of laptop you’re using. I hope the information in this article has helped you choose the best suited laptop for your particular use case. 

Evan Charles

Evan Charles

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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