How Much Should I Spend on a Motherboard?

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I have been into building custom gaming PC for three years now. Choosing an excellent motherboard for gaming PC development is a nutshell since reliable brands and models are super expensive.

So, how much should I spend on a motherboard? About $60 and $200 since a motherboard does not determine the gaming software performance numbers. But it is a crucial component for building a gaming PC.

I recommend a striking balance between the motherboard and other components that influence the gaming application’s performance. Therefore, take the time to read this article about the cost of a motherboard for a laptop. I have also shared the motherboard price range at the end.

Why Is A Motherboard Important?

Motherboards are complex devices in every computer, and it plays different roles. But the earliest computer generations did not have motherboards since they worked using backplanes. These are passive boards without controllers.

Why Is A Motherboard Important

So, why is a motherboard important? It is a vital building block of a PC since it acts as the body and CPU as the brain. Motherboard affects performance, and they have multiple dedicated controllers for different interfaces and components.

Motherboards also serve as an essential communication platform between different devices. It is responsible for connecting several components to allow communication between them. These active devices come with several features that set them apart.

How Much Should I Spend on a Motherboard?

Building a personalized gaming PC can be a daunting and rewarding experience. The graphic card and CPU are vital components to consider. Do not allow motherboard buying decisions to toss your mind over the ocean.

How Much Should I Spend on a Motherboard

So, how much should I spend on a motherboard? It should range from $60 to $1000 since it depends on the PC builder’s budget and preferences. But motherboards do not contribute to the computer’s high performance.

Buying a motherboard to build a gaming PC is complicated and tricky. Understanding the motherboard role in a PC will help you avoid overspending on it. I recommend finding a balance between the motherboard and other components costs.

Most PC builders buy expensive motherboards due to their sleek designs and high-quality materials. Cheap motherboards have low-quality materials with barebones designs. Always check the motherboard features before spending money on them.

What Factors Determine the Price of a Motherboard?

Different motherboards have their best-selling features to help in decision-making before buying. But some properties are for advertisement purposes by manufacturers.

What Factors Determine the Price of a Motherboard

Below are crucial motherboard features for determining its functionality and price. Let’s find that out together now:

Supported Chip And CPU

The supported CPU chip is the biggest factor in the price of the motherboard. Higher-end motherboards support high-end CPUs with greater chips. Besides, you’ll be needing equivalent CPU coolers which the motherboard has to support and be able to provide adequate power to.

Memory Slots

The DIMM slot or RAM slots are crucial factors to consider when buying a motherboard. Two RAM slots motherboard are for budget users due to their affordability. Four RAM slots motherboard are too expensive.

Voltage Regulator Module

Processor Power Module regulates and stabilizes power delivery in the PC. High-end motherboards have VRMs since they increase the lifespan of a CPU. It is the reason why most motherboard brands are overpriced because you need the right current flow with the number of Amps on the go, be it a laptop or a desktop.


Most motherboards have ports, fan connectors, storage slots, and other vital components. I recommend buying motherboards from reputable and reliable brands. Ensure the chosen motherboard has connectivity options before buying. Another thing to look for is, having the capability to change CPU fan speed without having to tweak the bios.


A good-looking motherboard with RGB LEDs and small size is an excellent option for fancy guys. But these motherboard types come with premium prices. The golden rule is to read the motherboard reviews before making the purchase.

Future Upgrades

Building a custom gaming PC requires investment in reliable motherboards. Purchase a motherboard that will last longer without needing replacement. Examine the motherboard features to see if you can swap the old hardware with new ones. Make sure it has the right security measures to help you out with BIOS resets, Updates, and similar jobs.

How Much Should An Ideal Motherboard Cost?

The motherboard brand and features determine its price. Popular brands and high-end motherboards are super expensive to buy. So, how much should an ideal motherboard cost? $500 to $700 since it comes with a custom-cooled VRM and high upgrade channel. The peripheral components are also worth the price.

How Much Should An Ideal Motherboard Cost

But building a custom regular PC does not require an expensive motherboard. I recommend mid-range motherboards since they are inexpensive. The PC purpose will help you determine the motherboard type to buy. Otherwise, there is no need for overspending on motherboards for regular use PC.

Average Motherboard Cost by Brand

A motherboard is a crucial component in a gaming PC. If you are into building custom computers, you need to balance your delicate budget. Most motherboard brands are overpriced, which makes PC builders consider low-end options in the market. I recommend understanding the motherboard properties before paying for them.

Below is a quick chart for average motherboard cost by brand:

No Brand Price
1 ASUS $255
2 Gigabyte $221
3 MSI $175
4 ASROCK $133

Average Motherboard Cost by Model

Do you need an expensive motherboard? Well, you need to narrow down your motherboard search by model rather than brand. Every brand manufactures motherboards according to the PC model.

High-end motherboard models are super expensive when compared to their low-end counterparts. But these active devices play the same role despite having different durability properties.

Below is a quick table showing the average motherboard cost by model:

No Model Price
1 X299 $509
2 X470 $167
3 Z370 $150
4 B450 $147
5 X570 $315
6 Z390 $138

Frequently Asked Questions

What Pieces Should I Spend More Money on in Building a PC?

I recommend spending more money on CPU and graphics cards. A high-end motherboard should come third due to its durability and many features.

How Much Money do you Need to Build a Good Gaming PC?

About $300 to $1000 since it depends on the PC use. Building a custom gaming computer is expensive when compared to the browsing counterpart.

When Building a PC, What Five Parts are the Most Expensive?

The most expensive parts when building a PC are CPU, RAM, motherboard, and storage. The graphics card is the most expensive part of a computer.

Which Motherboard Is Good for Gaming?

ASUS AMD X570 ATX is the best motherboard for gaming PC since it has features that maximize connectivity and speed. The optimal cooling feature increases the CPU durability.

Are High-end Motherboards Worth It?

Yes. It will help you enjoy advanced overclocking, high capacity RAID arrays, multiple GPUs, and high-bandwidth networking from high-end motherboards.


Shopping for a high-quality motherboard for a PC for gaming or to do GPU intensive jobs can be overwhelming for many. But there is no need to spend more on motherboards when building a computer for casual jobs. So, understanding how much you should spend on a motherboard is crucial by its nature.

I recommend a high-end motherboard due to its features and ability to upgrade other parts and peripherals down the line. Choose a brand and model that suits all your requirements. I hope the information above will help you decide on a motherboard when building your next custom PC. Feel free to share what you think and let know if you have a question.

Evan Charles

Evan Charles

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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