How To Change RGB Fan Color? (Complete Guide)

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RGB (Red, Green, and Blue lighting) setup has become very popular among people who love to build their custom PCs, and undoubtedly, it looks terrific. These LED lights certainly add an extra glimmer to your computer setup. While you can have RGB LED installed on your table, chair, wall, or behind your monitor, the most common choice among PC owners is the fan.

If you own a high-end computer, you probably may have had the temptation to show it off, right? If that’s the case, you should consider attaching RGB LED lights to your CPU fans. Not only that but also learn to control and change to your favorite color.

It sure is easy to install RGB lights on your computer fan, so the biggest question is, do you know how to change RGB fan color? Well, that’s where we focus on helping you right now. This article shows you how to change and control the RGB fan color on your computer. Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways:

  • While RGB fans get power from the motherboard, they do not affect your CPU performance since they consume less power.
  • RGB fans come with utility software that lets you manage your lighting preferences and save different profiles.
  • RGB lighting can be installed on various PC components and accessories such as keyboard, mouse, chassis, mouse pad, RAM, etc.

Can You Control RGB Fans?

Definitely YES! You can effortlessly control your RGB fan lights in two major ways

Can You Control RGB Fans

Here are two possible ways to control the CPU RGB fan lighting on your PC:

1. Using The Remote Control

Most RGB fans come with remote control. If your remote control is unresponsive, you may have to change the RGB lighting controller from the motherboard to remote-controlled. Here is how:

  • Step 1: Remove the side panel of your PC chassis.
  • Step 2: Locate the RGB fan lighting controller.
  • Step 3: Check the switch at the top side of the controller.
  • Step 4: Flip it onto the Remote control.

Now your RGB fan light will respond to the remote.

2. Using The RGB Control Software

Another way to control your RGB fan light is by using control software compatible with your computer motherboard. You can also download and install third-party RGB control applications such as Cooler Master RGB software.

Keep in mind that most motherboard manufacturers often have their RGB control software. Some come pre-installed, while others require downloading from their official website.

How to Change RGB Fan Color

Thanks to the popular RGB fan controller software, changing/controlling RGB fan light colors is a relatively straightforward task. In this section, we show you how to change RGB fan color on a PC using available after-market RGB control programs.

How To Change RGB Fan Color

Importantly, not all applications are compatible with a particular motherboard model. We recommend carefully reading the manufacturer’s documentation to determine if it is compatible with your computer motherboard. Here is how to change RGB fan color on a PC:

Cooler Master Software

Cooler Master software lets you take full control of your RGB fan lighting and take it to the next level. This program gives the benefit of lighting effects and color combinations with full customization or preset options.

Although Cooler Master Software is compatible with most motherboards, it has a dedicated controller that lights your PC without an RGB-supported motherboard. This controller is compact and easily fits in your PC chassis. It has built-in magnets that attach to a metallic surface.

Corsair’s ICUE

ICUE is a product of the Corsair company; it is one of the best RGB fan controller software available. This program manages the customization of all supported computer peripherals and components. It lets you change/control RGB lighting for your mouse, keyboard, CPU cooler, RAM, etc. You can create custom profiles and macros for your lighting.

The most excellent part about ICUE is how simple it is to use and how well it integrates with nearly all motherboard models. If you have a Corsair motherboard installed on your PC, ICUE will run flawlessly since it’s 100 percent compatible.

This application is free to download, and it’s pretty easy to use. You should have no trouble going through the functionalities of this program. Even though ICUE is freeware, premium versions of this program are available for those who don’t mind spending some money on getting the elite ones.

Jacknet RGB

If you’re new to the RGB PC lighting world, Jacknet RGB will work well for you. It is a basic RGB fan lighting controller program with the most user-friendly interface. Jacknet RGB software is ideal for anyone, regardless of expertise level with RGB fans. Another advantage of this program is that it’s compatible with most RGB fans and computer motherboard models. Furthermore, it is free to download and has no monthly subscription fee.

MSI Mystic Light

MSI is a prominent gaming brand that provides computer geeks with exciting updates and gaming-related items. It also provides you with the finest option when wondering how to adjust RGB fan lights.

You can make instant changes to your RGB fan light using the MSI Mystic light software. MSI Mystic light lets you control your fan lights as much as possible. The program includes a saturation slider and a color wheel to help you fine-tune the colors of your fans. You may also save your settings, change them, or create a new one while keeping the old one saved.

Recommended RGB Gears For Color Control

Here are a few of our recommended RGB gears for color control:

1. Cooler Master PWM Hub

Cooler Master PWM hub is a six-way 5v/3-pin RGB case hub. It has a magnetic backplane that easily sticks to a metallic case. It connects to the motherboard via a power SATA interface. The PWM 6-way hub is compact and space-saving, making cable management more manageable.

Cooler Master PWM Hub

  • Pros: Easy to install. Compact design. Plenty of connections.
  • Cons: Expensive

2. Corsair LL Series LL 140 RGB Cooling Fan

The Corsair LL 140 RGB fan is a 140mm CPU/chassis fan that boasts sixteen independent RGB LED lights across two distinct light loops creating a vibrant visual and lighting effect. It combines exceptional airflow with low noise operation to deliver the much-needed PC cooling.

Corsair LL Series LL 140 RGB Cooling Fan


  • Pros: Vibrant lighting. Low noise. Excellent airflow.
  • Cons: Expensive

What To Look For When Buying RGB Gear

When it comes to what to look for when buying RGB gear, the options are limitless. It all depends on personal preference. Below are a few things to consider for a stunning RGB lighting setup:

What To Look For When Buying RGB Gear

PC Chassis

It would be best to have a gorgeous PC chassis for your RGB lighting to sparkle well enough. Probably a chassis with a built-in RGB hub that will allow you to integrate numerous RGB compatible devices easily. A chassis with transparent glass sides is an excellent choice for viewing internal lighting. An example of this chassis is the MSI MPG Gungnir 110R.


Before getting a motherboard for your PC, you should have an idea of what kind of RGB lighting you want. Look for a motherboard that supports RGB lighting. It makes setting up and controlling your lights a lot easier. Also, consider the number of RGB headers onboard. Most modern RGB-capable motherboards have a built-in controller and utility software. Check out how to change RGB fan color in BIOS here.

RGB Headers

RGB headers are connectors on your computer motherboard that allow the connection of RGB peripherals. If you use a controller, the headers will be on the controller. The number of RGB headers on your motherboard dictates the number of peripherals you can use at a go. Before buying any peripheral, check your header’s number of pins and voltage. There are usually 12v with four pins or 5v with three pins connectors.

RGB Coolers and Case Fans

When using a transparent PC chassis, your case and CPU fans will be the most visible parts of your PC. The pattern and effects formed by RGB chassis and CPU fans make your PC look incredibly stunning. Most importantly, when choosing RGB fans, ensure you’re not substituting your PC cooling with fancy lighting. Please pay close attention to its performance.

RGB LED Strips

RGB LED strips can be positioned anywhere in your setup to add more lighting. The most common places to attach LED strips would be behind your monitor and beneath your desk. Direct them towards the wall to ensure the light illumination stays ambient and does not strain your sight. You can customize a set of LED strips to match your PC lighting.

RGB Peripherals

When it comes to RGB peripherals, you have plenty to choose from, depending on how you want your setup to look. Besides RGB CPU fans, you can also use an RGB keyboard, RAM, mouse, headset, speakers, etc. And all these peripherals can be controlled using one controller.

RGB Light Controller Software

The controller software lets you manage and control all your RGB lighting setup. If you have powerful software, you get more control options. It’s essential to do extensive research and comparison before settling on a particular RGB light controller software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use RGB fans without a controller?

In most cases, YES. Generally, it depends on the motherboard you have. If it has an RGB header, you don’t have to purchase a separate controller for your RGB fan. However, you will obviously require an extra controller and hub if you need to install more fans than the headers on your PC motherboard.

Are RGB fans less efficient than normal CPU fans?

NO, that’s not the case. RGB lighting does not affect CPU fan performance. Actually, these fans are perfectly at par with other non-RGB fans when it comes to performance. In fact, some RGB CPU fans have better cooling performance than regular CPU fans.

Does RGB Components Reduce Performance of The CPU?

Not at all. RGB lighting components do NOT reduce the performance of your CPU or motherboard. As much as they draw power from the motherboard, it’s an insignificant amount (most of them use 5v) that will not affect your CPU performance. No need to worry.


Changing the RGB fan color shouldn’t be a struggle if you have the right hardware and software. Most RGB fans and RGB compatible motherboards have a controller, an application, or both, to assist you in managing and changing lighting effects on your CPU fans and other computer peripherals.

As we have mentioned, various third-party applications work universally with most motherboard brands. Some we have listed above. Check your motherboard brand and pick one that is compatible; it all boils down to user preference, after all. Be sure to let us know which one is your favorite and why in the comment section below.

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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