How to Power Xbox One Without Brick? Get All the Details!

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A power brick plays a crucial role in Xbox one supplying power to the system. They are pretty effective and can last up to 10 years. If you happen to lose it, you’ll face problems powering your Xbox one. Xbox one requires a power source to start. However, if you lose the brick, there are ways to power it without the brick.

So, how do you power an Xbox one without a brick? You can power an Xbox one without a brick by disconnecting the cable to the brick. Once there is no sound, plug the cable halfway and shake gently as you wait for the unit to turn an orange light. Once you see an orange light, you can turn on the console.

Knowing how to start an Xbox one without an Xbox one brick is important. Sometimes it can be the system is corrupted and the brick is not functioning properly. High temperatures due to continuous use might also affect the console.

Join me below as discuss how to start…

Do You Need the Power Brick for Xbox One?

It’s good to have a power brick for Xbox one but you don’t necessarily need one. While the Xbox one comes with power bricks, you can still power them without the bricks. Xbox One and Xbox One S come with built-in power supplies.

Do You Need the Power Brick for Xbox One

So, if you happen to lose your Xbox one power brick, you can still power your console and enjoy gaming without any issues. Generally, you can use any power source to power supply as long as you have a cable that fits.

While you can always order a replacement on Amazon, the process is tedious. First, you’ll need to register for your Xbox one and end up spending too much.

How to Resolve My Xbox One Power Brick?

You can resolve Xbox one power brick issues by resetting your console. Is the console not receiving power from the brick? If yes, then resetting is a great solution. Follow the steps below.

Resetting your Xbox one

  • Start by disconnecting the power supply. Unplug the power cables from the wall socket and console. The power supply must be disconnected from the wall socket and the console.
  • Next, you need to wait for at least 10 seconds. The 10 seconds ensures the power supply is reset.
  • The next step is plugging the power cable into the electrical wall socket outlet. You need to do this step first and ensure the power is shown by color indicators on the brick.
  • If there is a LED light that is not blinking, the power supply is okay and you can connect it to the console.
  • If the Xbox One power brick has no light, then you might consider replacing it.

Apart from resetting the power supply, you can resolve the issue by resetting the console. If your console is corrupted, then the bricked Xbox one controller will not work. You need to reset your console to get the brick working.

To reset your Xbox one, click on the Xbox button and choose settings. Once on the settings, click on the console information and choose reset console. Clicking on the reset console will remove everything and reset your Xbox one. This should get your Xbox one brick working.

Improving ventilation

The brick issues might be due to high temperatures. Your console needs excellent ventilation to cool. Go ahead and turn off the console. Next, store it in a dry but cool place with excellent air circulation. You need the air to dissipate heat away and leave the console cool. Leave the console for at least an hour or more before turning it on. If high temperatures were the problem the brick should work fine.

If these two methods fail to resolve Xbox one brick problems, then consider contacting the experts. However, in most cases, the two methods do work.

How to Power Xbox One Without Brick (ways)

You can power Xbox one without a brick by following simple steps. The process is quite simple. It’s always good to fix the brick or replace it. However, if that fails, powering the Xbox without a brick is possible. Below are the steps to follow:

How to Power Xbox One Without Brick

  • Unplug and disconnect the cable connecting the Xbox one and the brick.
  • Once the cable stops making any sounds, plug it halfway through into the adapter.
  • Next, shake the plug gently as you wait for the orange light to show the power
  • Once the orange light appears, go ahead and turn on the console
  • If the light does not turn on, turn the console on again.

Alternative Ways to Power Xbox One

Having a power brick is recommended. However, if it fails, you can still power Xbox one without it. Since the Xbox One comes with built-in power supplies. You can always power them on by plugging the cable halfway through the adapter.

Alternative ways include resetting the console to remove any corrupt files and getting the brick working again. The console should also operate in cool temperatures.

If every method fails, you need to contact an expert or get a replacement.

How to Reset the Xbox One Power Supply?

The Xbox one power supply comes with two orange lights. When the console boots, you’ll see a steady orange light. A flashing orange light indicates errors. You’ll need to reset the power supply to get the brick working properly.

How to Reset the Xbox One Power Supply

If you ever run into problems with your power supply, Microsoft recommends cycling the console. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Disconnect the power cable that goes to the electrical wall socket adapter.
  • You also need to unplug the power cable from the console
  • Wait for 15-20 seconds before plugging the power cable
  • Start by plugging the socket cable and checking the light indicator on the brick. Is there any flashing orange light or a steady orange light?
  • Then connect the power cable to the console and start the Xbox if the orange light is steady.
  • If the console doesn’t turn on, you might consider replacing your power supply.

The console is expensive and bricks were designed to protect against power surges. If there are power fluctuations, you’ll see a blinking light which indicates power issues. Once the console turns on, the orange light should turn white. Make sure there are no power fluctuations from the electric company. Microsoft does offer power supply replacements but you can get decent choices from third-party companies.


Overall, powering an Xbox one without a power brick is possible and easy. Xbox one is designed with built-in power supplies. This means you can power them without necessarily depending on the Xbox one brick. The bricks are aimed at preventing console damage due to voltage fluctuations.

Always try resolving any power brick issues before trying powering without a brick. This can be done by resetting the power supply or the console. If everything fails, follow the steps above and power your Xbox one without a brick.

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