How to Remove School Administrator from Chromebook?

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A Chromebook works exceptionally well and has a user-friendly interface. Due to its multiple benefits, many industries like businesses, schools, universities, or other IT fields use this system. Also, it is highly secure, which makes it an optimum choice for those in this industry. Especially in school, many schools provide their students with a Chromebook. Since it is school property, the school enrolls the device and limits its functionality so that the Chromebook can only be used to complete the task at hand. Often students ask how to remove school administrator from Chromebook to use the restricted functionalities.

What is a Chromebook? Chromebook is nothing but a simple laptop that is powerful and built and designed to make your task easier and get your work done faster. They run on Chrome operating system built by Google. Google teamed up with partners including Acer, Samsung, HP, Dell, Asus, and Lenovo to make a secure, easy, and fast system. They are backed up with multiple built-in functions like Antivirus protection, automatic background software updates, numerous tasks within a few clicks, etc. all these functions make it easy to use and operate. It is also highly secure, making it the best tool for educational institutes.

How to Change the Administrator on My Chromebook?

To change the administrator on a Google account, you need to go to and click “Manage this account.” After this, you will see a list of users and their email addresses. Then to change the administrator; first, you will need to remove the current account running as an administrator and then add your account as a new account for the administrator. In this manner, you can change the administrator on your Chromebook.

How to Remove School Administrator From Chromebook?

To remove the school administrator on a Chromebook, you must go to the settings. After opening the settings, you will need to scroll down to the user who has logged in to the system. Then click on the gear icon and select “Remove the Device Administrator.” In this way, you will be able to know how to remove the school administrator from Chromebook.

How to Remove School Administrator from Chromebook

To remove the school administrator from your Chromebook, you must sign out of your account. After this, sign in as a different user. Then, you need to remove the administrator’s Google account from the Chromebook. For this, open settings and open “User and Accounts,” and then click on the “Remove Account” button; it will be next to the administrator’s name.

Who Is the Administrator of My Chromebook?

If you got the Chromebook from the school, then it is most likely that the school reserves the administrator rights. But there is a way to find out who your Chromebook administrator is. Usually, the first sign-in to the device is the owner of the Chromebook. If you want to check the owner of the account, then you will need to open the “Settings” and then click on the “Security and Privacy” option. Once you click this option, search for device administrator, and when you press it, you will see who the administrator rights have.

If you want to check whether your account is an owner account, then follow the following steps:

  1. Sign into your Chromebook.
  2. Select the time which is at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Then select Settings.
  4. Open “Settings & Privacy”. In this, select “manage other people.”
  5. If the account owner, is you, you will be able to turn this setting on or off.
  6. If you are not the owner of the Chromebook, then you will see messages stating:
  • “These settings are controlled by enterprise policy.”
  • “The owner may only modify these settings.”

How to Powerwash a Managed Chromebook?

Powerwash means resetting the Chromebook. In Chromebook, factory reset is called a powerwash. But should you powerwash a managed Chromebook? Powerwash can wipe a Chromebook, and it is usually done when you need to send the device to the manufacturer for repair or wish to resell it or return it. Students often try to powerwash the Chromebook in schools and learn how to remove school administrator from the Chromebook.

How to Powerwash a Managed Chromebook

When you powerwash a Chromebook, it deletes the data and information stored on the hard drive of the Chromebook. This includes erasing information about settings, files, applications, etc. Therefore, you must get a backup of your data on Google drive or some other external hard drive before resetting or powerwash your Chromebook to avoid data loss. Powerwash is important when you cannot use the device due to some errors; it is not time-consuming as it only takes a few minutes to powerwash a Chromebook.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to Powerwash/ Factory Reset your Chromebook.

  • You need to log out of Chromebook.
  • Press and grip keys, such as Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r.
  • Then, select “Restart”.
  • A box will be displayed; select “Powerwash” and then “Continue.”
  • Then some steps will appear on the screen, which you need to follow. After that, you must log in with your Google Account.
  • It is essential to note the account you sign in with will be the owner (account) of your Chromebook after reset.
  • After resetting your Chromebook, some onscreen instructions will be displayed that will help you set up your Chromebook.

Note: If the school or work provides the Chromebook, you cannot reset or powerwash your Chromebook, and the administrator would not give this right to you as a student. However, you can ask the administrator to wipe the Chromebook and re-enroll your device on the school network if you wish to. Most of the changes will be done from Chromebook administrator settings.

How Do I Disable It Managed by the Administrator on Chromebook?

Usually, when a school or workplace issues a Chromebook, then may manage your activities on the Chromebook. The administrator can block many other functionalities, apps, or websites since they are given for specific tasks or academic purposes only. Because of this, students wish to remove Chromebook from management. But is this possible?

When an administrator manages your Chromebook, you would not be able to install applications, control the way your Chromebook works, or monitor the activity of your Chromebook. Because of this, students try to disable the administrator on Chromebook. If you are using a Chromebook provided by the school, you cannot disable or remove the management options as you do not have the authority to do that. If you face some problems with your Chromebook, you should ask your administrator to help you with the issue.

Some schools use Iboss to secure the device. It is a cloud security company, and it helps in providing secure options to access the internet on different devices from various locations in the cloud. Schools use this to protect students’ internet access and ensure that security is maintained. To disable Iboss on Chromebook, you can follow the following steps:

  • Keep pressing Escape + Refresh + Power buttons for at least three seconds.
  • An OS recovery page will open with a USB picture on it.
  • Then Press Ctrl + D.
  • The developer mode screen will be opened. You need to press enter on the screen which will wipe out all the plugins on the Chromebook.

Many times, Chromebook administrator has blocked developer mode in such a case; you might need to talk to the admin if you face any problem with your Chromebook.

How to Make Myself an Administrator on a Chromebook?

To change the administrator, you will need to follow the following steps:

How to Make Myself an Administrator on a Chromebook

  • Sign into your Google Admin Console.
  • Go to the home page of the admin console and then go to admin roles.
  • On the left, there will be roles; click the role you want to change.
  • There will be a tab named privileges. Check the privileges you want to allow or give to the user.
  • Then click on save changes.

This will help you control and use different functions. However, if you use your school’s Chromebook, it will not be possible as you will not have Admin’s ID or password. Another way to change the owner of the Chromebook is to factory reset it, which will erase all the data and necessary information. After the factory reset, the account used to sign in will be the owner of the Chromebook.

Another way to change the administrator of the Chromebook is:

  1. Log in to the Chromebook with your username and password.
  2. Then open the settings.
  3. Click the three-line icon that is at the top right of the screen.
  4. Click “Next.”
  5. Then you need to select “Show System Panel.”
  6. You will find a button stating “Change Device Owner” in this.

How to Unblock a Blocked Administrator on My Chromebook?

To unblock a blocked administrator from your Chromebook.

  • Go to Apps and Extensions.
  • Then select target OU.
  • Click on Users and Browser that is on top of the screen.
  • Ensure to enable the allowing users to be able to install new software.


Since Chromebook is given for academic purposes, only the school restricts various functionalities such as installation, downloading, visiting certain websites, etc. On the other hand, the students try to disable school restrictions on Chromebook to utilize the system fully. They also try to learn how to remove school administrator from Chromebook. It is impossible to alter or change the settings as those privileges are not given to the students, and the student can face the consequences from school authorities. Hence, it is better to ask the administrator to help you out if you have any problem with your Chromebook.

Evan Charles

Evan Charles

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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