How to Fix an HP laptop Making Buzzing Noise?

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HP is a renowned laptop brand, and they are well known for low maintenance requirements. But two weeks ago, my HP laptop started making buzzing noise out of nowhere. Fortunately, I was able to find the reasons behind the issue through research and fixed it.

So, why is my HP laptop making a buzzing noise?

It is due to the dust trapped in the laptop cooling fan, and the buzzing noise will become louder when the HP laptop heats up. I recommend cleaning the cooling fan or replacing it with a new one.

Aging HP laptop making buzzing noise is a common phenomenon. But there is no need to worry since the problem is fixable, and if your laptop makes buzzing noise and freezes, I recommend replacing it.  Let’s get you through the issue and help you fix it yourself.

What Causes Laptop to Making Buzzing Noise?

If you work in a noisy environment, like a laptop for construction management, you will find it challenging to dictate suspicious noises from your laptop. But when you’re using it in a quiet environment, like a concealed office or your home, the high-pitched buzzing noise becomes impossible to ignore.

What Causes Laptop to Making Buzzing Noise

The laptop buzzing sounds mostly tend to do with the cooling fan. Identifying the exact cause will make it possible to fix and prevent your laptop from overheating. Below are the reasons your HP laptop is making buzzing noises:

Dust and Dirt Collection in the Cooling Fan

A laptop cooling fan is more vulnerable to dust and dirt. Excessive dust and dirt accumulation will lower the cooling fan performance. The HP laptop loud fan is an indicator of dust trapped in it. The HP fan keeps running by force and results in the production of buzzing noise.

I recommend accessing your laptop’s internal components and blowing the dust-out. Remember to take the time to clean the dirt and trapped dust in the cooling fans. Regular cleaning will help prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in your laptop fan. The routine will also combat your laptop from making obnoxious buzzing sounds.

However, don’t forget to remove the battery before dusting or doing anything like that for security reasons. It’s almost the same process for any brand laptop. If it were a desktop PC, removing the cooling fan and cleaning it also would be a great idea. You can also try that with your laptop if you’re okay with that.

Overheating Problem due to Overwork Cooling Fan

HP laptop fan keeps running until the entire system cools down. The loud and obnoxious buzzing noises are signs of an overworked cooling fan. The high internal and external temperatures will make your laptop fan work harder. The condition will result in overheating issue in your device.

Overheating Problem due to Overwork Cooling Fan

The best option is to give your laptop a break to cool down and work better. Be sure to unplug the computer from the power source to combat the HP pavilion laptop fan noise. If you have a demanding job, it would be best to adjust your working routine. Otherwise, an overworked cooling fan might require replacement to prevent the buzzing noise.

Why Is My HP Laptop Making a Buzzing Noise?

Most laptops have cooling fans that dissipate heat by circulating air around the internal components. Besides that, these fans require regular cleaning to avoid dust and dirt collection between the blades. But no laptop brand is completely quiet. Since your CPU fan speed is really high, dust or debris can cause it to bump around and cause noise.

HP Laptop Making Buzzing Noise

So, the possible causes of your HP laptop making a buzzing noise are dusty fan, faulty power supply, failing hard drive, and corrupt sound card drivers. Other minor causes are laptop connection to external USB devices and frequency interference from nearby cables.

I recommend taking the time to investigate your HP laptop and identify the exact cause before fixing it. The buzzing sounds are quite different from the more familiar laptop noises while in use.

If your HP laptop is making a static noise, seek assistance from a professional computer technician. It could be a sign of something more complicated that requires diagnosis with modern tool kits.

How to Fix an HP Laptop Making a Buzzing Noise?

HP laptop making buzzing noise can be irritating when working on demanding projects that require a quiet environment. Below are ways how to fix an HP laptop from making a buzzing noise:

Clean the HP Laptop Fan

An HP laptop fan is vulnerable to dust and dirt collection when working. The excess dust and dirt are the reasons behind the high-pitched buzzing sounds. Blow out your internal laptop components twice a year to avoid this weird sound. Blowing help remove the dirt and make your device quiet when working.

Clean the HP Laptop Fan

Unplug the computer from the power source and remove the battery before blowing out. Use a dry cotton swab to clean the vents and internal fan. Consult a technician if the HP pavilion fan noise persists. It could be something more complicated with your CPU fan.

Install Cooling Application

If your laptop makes a buzzing noise and freezes consistently, install cooling software to counteract the problem. The software type help alleviate the overheating problem. The cooling application will help monitor the laptop temperature by tracking the internal components. It can also help adjust the fan speed when the temperature is high and low.

Visit the advanced power setting of your HP laptop window and click the change plan setting. I recommend choosing the window cooling system option and adjusting the internal temperature.

Get a Laptop Stand

Improper fan functioning will make your HP laptop heat up. Most computers have fan vents on the bottom or either side. If the fan vents are blocked, the laptop will produce a loud buzzing noise. The weird sounds are due to hot air not leaving the computer. The best solution is to remove the obstacles blocking the hot air from leaving the laptop. Use a stand to allow your laptop to breathe by enhancing the free flow of fresh air.

Replace the Laptop Fan

If the HP pavilion fan noise persists after cleaning, it would be best to replace it. The irreparable damage is the reason behind the loud noise generation. Know the exact product code of your HP pavilion laptop to get a compatible replacement fan. I recommend seeking the service of a professional computer technician.

Is It Better to Replace Your Buzzing Fan or Replace Your Laptop?

Replace the buzzing fan. A worn-out cooling fan is a reason behind the weird loud sounds when the laptop is running. Replacing the buzzing fan is inexpensive compared to buying a new laptop.

I recommend replacing the laptop if the buzzing noise persists after fixing the fan problem. It might be due to a faulty hard drive, corrupt drivers, and sound card issues. It is the best option for those with demanding jobs.

HP Laptop Make a Buzzing Noise When Plug-In

No laptop brand is completely quiet. Different hardware generates various sounds when the laptop is running. But a healthy laptop cannot make a buzzing or clicking noise. If you notice your HP laptop making a buzzing noise when plugging in the power adaptor, it could be a sign of a severe issue. Do not panic and assume that it is the damaged hardware.

HP Laptop Make a Buzzing Noise When Plug In

Below are the possible causes:

HDD or Speaker Malfunctioning Problem

The buzzing noise produced by the laptop after plugging in the power adaptor indicates a failing HDD or speaker malfunctioning problem. The loud sound is due to the fan running at full speed and internal damage to the motherboard. Consult a professional computer technician for assistance.

Dust Clogging the Fan

Clogged laptop fans will prevent your device from cooling down. The issue will result in internal hardware damage that makes your laptop buzz after plugging in the charger. Clean the fan twice a year to prevent dust accumulation. Remember to replace damaged laptop fans to enhance fresh and cool air circulation.

Damaged Laptop Charger

A laptop charger or battery issue is another possible cause of buzzing noise after plugging in the power adaptor. I recommend replacing the charger and battery to combat the problem. If the buzzing noise persists, it could be due to a malfunctioning motherboard. The problem prevents proper power supply to the various components.

Visit your local computer repair shop to test the entire laptop. The tests will help identify the exact cause before fixing it.


I hope this article has helped you identify the causes of HP laptop making buzzing noise. Inspect your laptop further to identify the exact cause and fix it. If the buzzing noises and freezes persist, consult your local computer repair shop for fixing. The HP pavilion fan noise can be an indicator of a severe internal issue.

HP laptop loud fan noise should not be in the way of your computing and easy usage that a laptop is intended for. Feel free to share your thoughts and how you’ve come along with the noise and fixed it.

Evan Charles

Evan Charles

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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