How to Fix the Mouse Side Buttons Not Working?

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get...

A mouse gives you a quick and easy way to navigate through all the functions of the computer. Modern mouses come with side buttons that boost their functionality and refine your computing experience.

Navigating through pages back and forth, especially while gaming, side buttons come in handy. Without functional side keys, controlling your PC or playing the game you love becomes harder.

So, how to fix the issue when are the mouse side buttons not working?

First, you have to identify the reason behind the issue. It can be a faulty USB port, software issue, operating system issue, outdated mouse driver, bad mouse battery, and bad mouse sensor. Then you can resolve that with the right troubleshooting procedure. Cleaning the sensor, replacing the keys, or even the mouse itself.

Why not discuss these in detail and see why your mouse buttons aren’t working and how to fix them?

How Do You Check if Mouse Side Buttons Are Working?

If you want to test whether both the side buttons work well, you can use a mouse tester. Mouse tester is a software utility designed to help users test and clean their mouse from any dirt on the surface.

How Do You Check if Mouse Side Buttons Are Working

Using this application, you can check if the mouse buttons are working properly and adjust the sensitivity of your mouse. If you need a quick way to test the mouse, you can use this mouse tester to have the buttons tested right away. This software has made the task easy for you, and its outcome or result is effective.

How to Fix the Mouse Side Buttons Not Working?

If your mouse side buttons are not working, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Mouse Side Buttons Not Working

Use a New Battery

If you’re using a wireless mouse, get a new battery for the mouse and replace the old one. The battery could be old or damaged, which may cause this issue. After replacing the battery, see if you can use the side buttons again. If not, test it with another computer or contact customer support for assistance.

Use a new battery

You should open the battery compartment and gently remove the old one to change the battery. Take note of the battery placement, and wrong placement means the mouse will not work as expected. Therefore, when you remove the old one, you should replace it with the new batteries and then operate the mouse.

Turn on the Mouse Key Function

The mouse side buttons should work after turning on the ‘Mouse Key’ function in Windows. If you find out that the mouse side button problem results from the mouse key function, you need to turn it on. To do that, firstly open Control Panel.

Turn on the mouse key function

Next, open the Ease of Access center, select make the mouse easier to use, and check Turn on Mouse keys to turn it on. This should be a 2-minutes job that can get your mouse up and running just fine.

Connect with Another USB port

If the mouse side buttons are not working, it may be due to a USB port issue on your computer instead of the mouse itself. Connecting with another USB port may solve the problem. If this works, the problem is most likely caused by a USB port that is damaged somehow.

Connect with another USB port

Update Mouse Driver

If your mouse side buttons are not working, no worries. First, try to manually update the mouse driver to make it work. Reinstalling the driver for the mouse will refresh the mouse and fix the problem.

Update mouse driver

Sometimes the mouse side buttons could have issues if you have updated your Windows system. Therefore, it is recommended that you update the mouse driver if you just updated your Windows system.

All you need to do is to go to the device manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver to install it on your device. Sometimes, hard measures can be necessary, when your computer’s BIOS doesn’t recognize the hardware. In that case, reset the bios settings while the mouse is connected to help the BIOS detect it properly.

Clean the Mouse

This is a very easy fix, and it is one of those things that you must do before you start experimenting with something more complicated. You may not have noticed, but your mouse collects dust, dirt, and even food crumbs on the sides, so grab some cleaning cloth and clean the mouse.

Clean the mouse

Remember that we are talking about the sides, so do not press too hard because you may damage some internal components.

Fix the Mouse Sensor

As your mouse side buttons are not working, the mouse has some problems with its sensor. So you need to locate the sensor part of the mouse and clean it with a neat cloth. It is not hard to do using this method.

You can flip the mouse, open up the back with a screwdriver, and clean both the sensors dedicated to the side buttons and the master sensor itself.

How Do You Reset Your Mouse?

The method of resetting your mouse depends on the type of mouse you are using. Below I will share the method of resetting a wired mouse and wireless computer mouse.

How Do You Reset Your Mouse

Resetting Your Wired Computer Mouse

  • The first thing is to unplug the mouse
  • While you have the mouse unplugged, you should press down the left and right sides of the mouse together.
  • While doing this, you should plug the mouse back into the computer
  • After some minutes, you should release the two buttons, and then you should have a successful reset

Resetting Your Wireless Computer Mouse

To reset your wireless computer mouse, you need to follow the instruction or steps below:

  • You need to switch off the mouse.
  • Go ahead to hold the left and the right mouse buttons
  • Switch on the mouse back while holding the mouse buttons
  • Then you should reset the buttons after some minutes, and the mouse should be successfully reset.

Note: If any of the two methods do not work, you should contact the supplier with a warranty. If you don’t have a warranty left, reach out to a local repair shop where you can get it thoroughly inspected and potentially fixed, too.


Operating a computer with a good mouse makes things far easier than usual; from casual jobs to gaming. With mouse side buttons not functioning, you might not be able to use the PC as efficiently as you expect.

With the described methods above, now you should be able to find out why mouse side buttons not working. I hope you’ve been able to resolve it as well. However, if you have warranty left for the mouse, you should never try to do any troubleshooting that can void the warranty.

Evan Charles

Evan Charles

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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