PS Vita Could Not Connect To PC (Ways to Solve it!)

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Experiencing a problem with your ps vita not connecting to your PC? Most people with the same issue try upgrading their computer operating systems, connecting to a different PC, or connecting using Wi-Fi.

In most cases, the problem still persists because the problem might be arising from different issues. So, could a PS Vita not connect to a PC? The reason could be a problem with the router, content manager, QCMA, CMA, etc. Trying out different solutions will enable you to identify the problem and know what works for your PC.

In this post, I’ll discuss why vita won’t connect to a PC and how to solve it. Let’s dive in.

How Many Types Of PS Vita Are There?

Before we get started on why the PS Vita won’t connect to PC, let’s know more about PS Vita. PS Vita is a handheld PlayStation device from Sony. There are two types of PS Vita. These are the PS Vita 1000 which is considered the fat version and the PS Vita 2000 which is considered the slim version.

How Many Types Of PS Vita Are There

The PS Vita 1000 is the first version released in 2011 in Japan. It remains relatively popular but a little bulky compared to the slim 2000 version. However, the old version still retains some premium feel and offers an excellent gaming experience.

The newer 2000 version is an upgrade of the 1000 version. It is a lot slimmer and sometimes referred to as the slim PS version. While it retains most of the old proportions, it is slimmer by 3mm. The old PS vita is 18mm thick while the newer version is 15mm thicker.

It also weighs less and comes with far much better upgrades. They both feature the same battery but the newer version tends to get more out of each charge. The 1000 version delivers 3-5 hours while the 2000 version delivers 4-7 hours. The 2000 version also comes with built-in storage. Remember the 1000 version lacks storage and one had to buy the Sony Vita Memory Card.

Reason Why Ps Vita Could Not Connect to PC?

A PS Vita not connecting to a PC can be due to several reasons. You need to understand the specific reason to solve it. Below are some of the main reasons why PS Vita could not connect to PC.

PS Vita Could Not Connect To PC

Outdated Firmware/drivers: The first reason could be outdated firmware software or drivers. Most of these companies keep updating their software to solve any problems detected. Firmware updates are done due to weaknesses discovered in previous versions.

Wi-Fi problem: Is your Wi-Fi working properly? Any problem with the Wi-Fi connection can prevent your PS Vita from connecting to the PC. Check if the Wi-Fi is switched on and working properly. In certain cases, the WiFi might be in a flight mode without you knowing and ps vita won’t turn on.

Update prompts: Is your device set to automatically find and make new updates? Sometimes the connection fails because the device is asking for  updates everytime you want to sign in. You need to go to the settings and disable the auto updates.

Router problem: A problem with the router might cause internet problems and prevent the connection. You need to check and ensure the router is working.

However, this should not worry you. In a short while, I‘ll show you how to connect a PS Vita to a PC.

How To Connect PS Vita To PC?

There are several ways to connect a PS Vita to a PC. Below, I’ll discuss the major ways to connect a PS vita to a PC.

How To Connect PS Vita To PC

Through Original CMA Via Wi-Fi

The first way to connect PS Vita to your PC is by using the Content Manager Assistant, CMA. There is a CMA icon on the PS vita display. You need to click on the CMA to launch your PS Vita.

First, make sure your system is registered with the computer. Enable the internet settings on the CMA to connect the PS Vita system. Set a checkmark by clicking on the checkbox. Next, select the CMA and copy content on your machine. You can choose the Wi-Fi option and add the device you’re connecting to. On your PS Vita, select Wi-Fi and click add. You’ll be adding your PC.

You can then follow the subsequent commands on the screen to finish the connection process. Usually, a list of PCs will be shown. Go ahead and select the one you want to connect to your device. A number displayed on the screen of the computer will be added to the device to register it. Once the computer is registered, the connection is complete. You can now play on your device or PC.

Via Bluetooth

You can also connect your PS Vita to your PC via Bluetooth. The method is simple and effortless. First, you need to turn Bluetooth ON. Go ahead and pair the PS Vita Bluetooth to the PC Bluetooth. Make sure you choose the Bluetooth device you want to connect to on your PC and add a passcode. Once the pairing is complete, the connection process is complete and you can transfer data seamlessly.

However, things can be totally different when PS Vita refuses to connect to your PC. Below are some steps to take when PS Vita does not connect to your PC.

Format or Reset Vita

If there is a connection issue, you can solve it by resetting the PS Vita device. Restoring the default settings can help the device connect to your computer. This is the case especially if the PS Vita has been connecting for a while and just started problems recently.

Turning your Wi-Fi OFF

Sometimes, it can be that your device’s Wi-Fi has a problem. Make sure you check your Wi-Fi connection. Click on the flight mode and turn the Wi-Fi off. Wait for at least 5-10 minutes before turning it on. In most cases, this should solve the problem and get your PS Vita connecting to your PC again.

Upgrade to the latest drivers and firmware

Outdated drivers or firmware can also be a problem. When was the last time you made any updates on your PS Vita? Get one of the many auto-installations tools online to detect which drivers are outdated. The PS Vita device will always ask for permission before installing any new drivers on your device.

Once you have new drivers in place, the device should connect seamlessly to the PC. However, if there is still an issue, check for any firmware updates on the PS Vita. Download them and install them.

Uninstall Content Manager Assistant and Reinstall it

Lastly, you can consider uninstalling the CMA and then reinstalling it. This can help solve any connectivity issues. There are also a few cases when the PS Vita doesn’t connect because the device is asking for updates. Go to the settings and prevent auto-updates. Doing this can ensure there is a smooth connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put an iso on my PS Vita?

You can put iso on PS Vita by first downloading the ISO games online. You probably already have QCMA installed. This will allow you to copy and transfer files between PS Vita and your PC. Choose the saved ISO file and transfer it to your PS Vita on your PC. You can then install the game on the Vita Memory Card.

Can you transfer games from PS3 to PS Vita?

You can easily transfer games from PS3 to PS Vita and vice versa. Select the CMA and copy games on the PS3 files before visiting the PS Vita and transferring the games. We have several PS Vita games that compete and play on PS3.

Can you play Steam games on PS Vita?

You can play games from your Steam library on PS Vita by choosing the Moonlight Stream on your PS Vita menu. However, you must first sign in to your steam account. You’ll play via a remote using the Nvidia GameStream Technology.

Can you connect the PS Vita to the TV via USB?

You can easily connect the PS Vita to your TV via USB. First, you must plug your PS Vita into your computer. Next, connect from your PC to your TV using an HDMI cable. It’s a simple process but one that must be done carefully to avoid errors.

Can you hack a PS Vita without a computer?

You can hack a PS Vita without a computer using an application. The PKGj homebrew application supports the download of PS Vita, PSX, and PSP without using a card. However, make sure you have backups of the game on the console to avoid issues of speed and noise.


Well, that’s it from me! PC Vita not connecting to PC is common but one that can easily be solved. You can now solve any PS Vita to PC connection issues without much struggle. Resetting or formatting the device can help. However, you can also turn off Wi-Fi for a few minutes, upgrade drivers and firmware or uninstall and reinstall the CMA.

Evan Charles

Evan Charles

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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