Why Does My Hp Laptop Keep Freezing? (2022)

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get...

HP laptops are packed with features that provide well-justified value for the price. Whether you are doing casual jobs, communicating with friends and family, or streaming videos, it is one PC you will love to use. However, the experience can go sour if it starts to freeze, and you keep wondering, why does my hp laptop keep freezing?

Your HP laptop will keep freezing for many reasons. That includes unnecessary files, hardware problems, virus infestation, running many programs at a time, and corrupted files. It can also freeze because you’re relying on older hardware for modern softwares.

While it can be extremely frustrating when your laptop freezes while using it, figuring out why your HP laptop is freezing can help. And that’s what we’re doing today, along with the ways you can get it up and running again.

Why Does My Hp Laptop Keep Freezing?

Nothing can be compared with the frustration from PC that refuses to come up due to freezing. Just as you know, there is no problem without a solution but knowing the problem makes the difference. Therefore, you must know the reasons your laptop will keep freezing.

Why Does My Hp Laptop Keep Freezing

Corrupt Operating System

If your laptop freezes on startup or when you perform certain tasks, a corrupt operating system can cause the problem. Try rebooting from a disk or flash drive using an OS such as Windows 10 to run the Startup Repair tool, which repairs corrupted files and hard disk issues that could be causing the problem. Keep in mind this can take a couple of hours or more.

Corrupt operating system

If your laptop has a corrupt operating system, it will freeze randomly regardless of any other factor. Many users do not even know that their HP laptops have a corrupt operating system because they received a previously returned machine to the factory. Resetting the operating system will help fix the issue.

Running Too Many Programs at a Time

It is possible to run many programs simultaneously, but it can cause your computer to freeze. I have experienced this many times, and closing some tabs or windows will fix the issue. We recommend cleaning your device regularly to optimize your PC’s performance and fix these problems. If the freezing does not allow any button or key to press, you might opt for other options.

Running many programs at a time


A virus can replicate itself by modifying other computer programs and inserting its code when you allow it to run. Most viruses are not stand-alone programs as they attach themselves to existing programs or files.


Once a virus invades your computer, be sure it may attack other files as they are accessed. When these infected programs run on other computers, the virus spreads. The more the viruses spread, the higher the chance your PC will keep freezing.

The best way to get rid of or fix this issue is to run anti-virus software on the PC. There are many kinds you can consider. If you are unsure of the one to choose, allow your engineer to do the task.

Hardware Issue

If part of your complaint is that my laptop keeps freezing and not responding, it might be a hardware issue. If you have tried all methods and nothing works, the problem is likely has to do with a performance drop because of motherboard as it connects and contains all the components.

Hardware issue

You might also experience buzzing noise in the laptop if the issue is regarding the CPU or exhaust fan. In that case, you can remove the CPU cooler and replace it if needed. If the issue is more in-depth that you can’t figure out, get in touch with a computer technician to find the reasons with a possible solution.

How to Fix the HP Laptop That Keeps Freezing Up and Not Responding?

If you are using a laptop and it is not responding, there are some ways to fix the Hp laptop that keeps freezing up and not responding. You can follow each of the methods below to fix any freezing on your PC.

Restart the PC

Restart your PC and see if the problem goes away. If a bug or glitch causes the problem, restarting your PC might fix it. Restarting gives your PC a good chance to clear out anything that could be affecting performance and causing crashes.

Restart the PC

To restart the pc, just press the start button and then the power button to select restart. Leave the PC for some minutes to restart.

Clean Up the Disk

Clean the disk regularly to make it work without freezing up. Luckily, not only is it relatively easy to do, you only need one tool for the job. Disk Clean Up helps you find the files that cause freezing and clear them out to improve your computer’s storage space and speed.

Clean up the disk

Re-Formatting your Hard Drive

Re-formatting your hard drive is the surest way to rid your computer of a virus, but it is also the most time-consuming and data-destroying. Therefore, it is often preferable to try other methods before resorting to hard drive re-formatting.

This is a drastic measure and should only be undertaken as a last resort, such as when all else fails. But, it will surely take away the freezing issue on all grounds.

Install Anti-virus

If you’re having frequent freezes and crashes, it could signify that something has infected your laptop with malware. So, you need to install an anti-virus program as soon as possible.

Install anti-virus

You need antivirus software to keep your computer from being infected by a virus or trojan horse. Your computer’s security should be paramount. Viruses, trojans, and spyware are all known to have a major impact on performance. As such, download and install anti-virus software and use it regularly.

Upgrade Operating System

If you are using a laptop not supported with the latest operating system, it will surely start freezing up and taking too much time to power on. It might be possible that your computer cannot handle the latest OS and thus starts to freeze up.

To prevent your laptop from freezing, you need to ensure that it is compatible with your operating system. Therefore, choosing the right operating system or upgrading it will help fix the issue. If nothing helps, it’s about software issues, and you can’t figure out which one, you can factory reset the laptop and start afresh.

Why Does my HP Laptop Freeze on Startup?

If your laptop freezes on startup, and you ask how do I unfreeze my hp laptop? Then you should read further. First, however, let us share with you what could cause the freezing whenever you start up your PC.

Why does my hp laptop freeze on startup

The likely problem with a PC that will freeze on startup is with the operating system. However, one of the major reasons behind the freezing of laptops on startup is Windows registry corruption.

So, with time, it gets corrupt and thus results in the freezing of Windows. The solution is to troubleshoot the PC. The first step is to utilize the built-in HP diagnostic tools. It helps determine if the problem is with your hardware or software.

If the tests find no issues, you should next check for any Windows updates that may affect your laptop’s operation. Finally, you should use the HP Recovery Manager utility to reset the computer’s factory settings. This will remove all your data, so make sure you have backed everything up in advance.

HP Laptop Freezes When Plugged In

How do I unfreeze my hp laptop is the first question that will pop up in your mind if you have one that freezes whenever you plugged in. Laptops often freeze when plugged in as a result of overheating.

HP Laptop Freezes When Plugged In

When your laptop is plugged in, it is likely putting out both heat from the processor and heat from the charger. Unfortunately, both of these heat sources can make the laptop too hot, causing it to freeze.

Another possible cause for laptops freezing is the hard drive or random-access memory running out of usable space. It can be fixed by installing more memory or clearing out some files. Another culprit could be a virus that infects your computer sometimes without your knowledge.

If a virus scanner tells you your computer is infected with a virus, update that program and remove the viruses. Those are likely problems and ways to fix them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why My Hp Laptop Is Overheating?

Over the years, HP laptops have been one of the most popular and powerful computers. However, some HP laptop users have reported an overheating issue with their machines. If your HP laptop is overheating, the fans may be malfunctioning, or the cooling system could be blocked.

The most common reason your PC will overheat is a clogged or dirty fan. This is especially common with laptops that have been used on soft surfaces, such as beds and sofas. Also, if you run your PC for a longer period without a break, it can overheat.

In addition, operating the PC in a place with no ventilation or exposed to hot environmental conditions. Those are all reasons your HP laptop can overheat. Also, never overrule using the wrong charger or adapter to charge.

Why does my laptop keep freezing Windows 10?

If your HP laptop not responding Windows 10, you should read further. The reason could be a result of a virus or corrupt operating system. Installing a new operating system or upgrading the former could solve the problem.

How do I unfreeze my HP Envy laptop?

If your HP Envy is frozen and not responding, you can use one of the several methods to unfreeze it. The easiest and quickest way is to simply restart the laptop. To do that, long press the power switch button until it powers off, wait for about a minute and then press the power switch button again.

Also, if it does not work, you might have to run a virus scan, and if you notice anyone, you have to get rid of them. So just ensure you follow some of the steps to fix a freezing laptop we have discussed above.

How do you unfreeze your computer when Control Alt Delete doesn’t work?

You can try a few things if your keyboard isn’t responding when you press Control Alt Delete. And if the problem is that your computer has locked up, you can long press the power button to restart it.

Often, users believe that they have to turn their PC off and on again when it becomes unresponsive. While this is one of the methods you can use to restore functionality, there are a few others. You should read them above.

Why does my brand-new HP laptop keep freezing?

There could be many reasons your new HP laptop will freeze. For example, if it comes with an outdated operating system, it can freeze, and you might have to consider updating the operating system to solve the issue. A new laptop should never freeze or stutter while you’re running it. Also, a good laptop doesn’t cost a ton when you can find a decent 17 inch laptop within $500.


HP laptops are known for stability and reliability, but sometimes you can encounter unexpected problems like freezing or stuttering. If your HP laptop freezes on startup or after running a while, the methods discussed above should definitely help.

Now that you know why your hp laptop keeps freezing, try these solutions and you should be good with your laptop once the freezing issue is fixed. However, if you’re running a very old laptop with outdated hardware and software, it’s more likely that you want to go for a new machine.

Evan Charles

Evan Charles

Being an enthusiast laptop savvy, Evan Charles shares his wisdom on LaptopEcho to help others pick the right machine. He loves guiding people to get the best out of their laptops as he does.

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