Xbox One Power Supply Turns Off When Plugged Into Console: How to Fix?

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Power supply problems are among the most widely experienced challenges that Xbox owners face. While some of these problems could mean a dead console, others require a quick fix. The Xbox one power supply unit (PSU) supplies power to your console. It also protects it against power surges.

The PSU goes into standby mode when there is a power surge; thus, your console won’t work until the power supply is reset. This is enough reason you shouldn’t worry, suppose your power supply turns off. However, there could be several other reasons for this too.

Here, we discuss why your Xbox one power supply turns off when plugged into the console. Also, we take a look at some possible solutions you can try out to fix this issue altogether.   Let’s dive in.

Why Does the Xbox One Power Supply Turns Off When Plugged Into Console?

When you plug your Xbox One console into a power outlet, normally, it should power up and take you to the home screen after about a minute. However, in some cases, you may experience a black screen with an orange light on your Xbox one power supply unit. This means your console is not booting.

Xbox One Power Supply Turns Off When Plugged Into Console

As you try to turn on your console, the power supply LED light goes white then returns to solid Orange. So, what does the solid orange light on the Xbox one power supply mean? The orange light could mean a damaged power cable or brick, the console is not receiving sufficient power to boot, or you did not correctly shut down your console. The Orange light on your power supply unit is the primary reason your Xbox one is not turning on.

Other common issues that may cause your power supply to turn off when plugged into a console include overheating, system malfunction (malware), power surge, etc.

How to Fix The Issue Of Your Xbox One Turning Off?

Usually, the Xbox one power supply has a built-in surge protector with a LED status light that indicates if power is okay or if there is a problem.

How to Fix The Issue Of Your Xbox One Turning Off

Try a different power outlet.

When your Xbox power brick orange light turns off, it means there is insufficient or no power. In some cases, the PSU could be damaged. Consider trying a different wall outlet to eliminate the doubt of no or insufficient power.

  • Step 1: Ensure your PSU is correctly plugged into the wall outlet and the console. Also, ensure the wall outlet is switched on.
  • Step 2: If your power supply brick LED light is still off, remove and plug it into another wall outlet or connect another gadget to the same outlet and see if it works.
  • Step 3: Once you have confirmed the wall outlet yet the PSU is still not working; you can try fixing it using methods 2 and 3 below.

Reset the power supply

If your Xbox one power brick light shuts off when plugged into a console, resetting it is the first and easiest step. Here is how to do it:

  • Step 1: Unplug the power supply unit from both the wall outlet and the console.
  • Step 2: Let it stay unplugged for at least 10 minutes. During this period, the surge protector in the PSU restarts and resets itself.
  • Step 3: Reconnect your power supply to the console and wall outlet. Ensure it is properly connected.
  • Step 4: Power on your console. The power supply LED light should turn yellow, allowing your console to boot.

Reset Your Xbox One console

Follow the steps below to reset your Xbox One console:

  • Step 1: Remove any game disc from the console.
  • Step 2: Press and hold power, seek and eject buttons concurrently.
  • Step 3: Hold them down for approximately ten seconds until the LED light on the power button starts to flash.
  • Step 4: Release the eject button but keep holding down the power and seek buttons for an extra fifteen seconds.
  • Step 5: Release them and let your console boot.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of your most frequently asked questions:

How do I know if my Xbox one’s power supply is bad?

Usually, all Xbox one power supply units have a LED light that indicates whether or not they are receiving power. If you see a solid orange or white light, the PSU is working as expected. However, if the light blinks or there is no light, there’s a problem with your PSU.

How do you reset an Xbox one’s power supply?

If your Xbox one power supply light goes off immediately you turn on your console; it probably needs to be reset. This process is relatively easy. First, unplug both ends; from the wall socket and the console. Let the power supply rest for 10 minutes or more. In this state, the built-in surge protector will reset itself. Reconnect and power on your console.

Does unplugging an Xbox One damage it?

It won’t damage if your console is completely off. But, if it’s still on, it could possibly damage the disk or other internal components. Furthermore, you could lose your game data. It’s not a good practice and should be avoided. Always follow the correct shutdown procedure and wait for a few more minutes for your Xbox One console to shut down entirely before unplugging.

How do I fix my Xbox One when it has no power?

There is no specific fix to this problem; instead, you can conduct a few troubleshooting procedures to eliminate the problem. Some of which include:

  • Check the power cable and brick.
  • Reset your power supply unit.
  • Reset your Xbox one console.
  • Connect to a different power outlet.

If none of the above procedures works, there could be a more serious problem with the PSU or the console that requires expert attention.


The Xbox One console comes with a power supply brick that has a built-in surge protector. It also has a LED status indicator light that helps you detect if there is a problem. As an Xbox one owner, you should be able to diagnose your power supply unit by looking at the status light. If you read this article, you already know why the Xbox one power supply turns off when plugged into the console and how to fix it.

If your Xbox one power supply still turns off when plugged into a console after trying all the above methods, there is a higher chance that the fault is on your console rather than the PSU. In this case, you fall short of options, all of which require technical assistance. If you still have warranty cover, you can send it back to Microsoft for repair or replacement; otherwise, take it to an authorized technician to fix it.

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